Kinetic Fitness High quality personal training
Annandale, Virginia

What We Do

At Kinetic Fitness we provide high quality personal training for 1 on 1 and small group training in a private studio or in home at Annandale, Virginia. Specializing in functional based programming for post rehab weight loss, strength and power, endurance, range of motion, balance and stability.

Our goal here at Kinetic Fitness is to teach our clients how to move and use their bodies correctly and helping them build healthy functional habits and of course healthy eating habits as well. A lot of common injuries and discomfort people experience in their daily lives can come from bad eating habits or functional habits like not sitting properly or things such as not walking properly due to tight muscles in their legs which limits their ability to walk/run properly and in turn forms unhealthy functional habits on the body which leads to back pain, shoulder pain, leg and feet pain as well. 9/10 the pain you experience in either your back, legs, or upper body comes from lack of proper functionality and poor eating habits.

At Kinetic Fitness we help you build an overall healthy functional life style which in turn will help you reach your ultimate fitness goals.

Daniel Pressley Master Trainer


  • National Council on Strength & Fitness- Personal Trainer
  • Certification
  • Kettle Bell Level 2
  • Cooper Fitness Institute: Bio-mechanics of Resistance Training
  • TRX- Suspension Trainer
  • PTA Global Advanced Personal Trainer

After over 10 years of personal training Daniel Pressley has been able to bring his clients an ultimate experience in their fitness journey. After his experiences and research Daniel has been able to help his clients develop fitness programs to help them not only get to their fitness goals but does it in a manner which no injuries occur and previous pains dissipate. With his unique training style his goal is to not only help his clients get to their fitness goals but wants them on a pain free and functional level.


Private studio 1 on 1 or small group (2-4 people) personal training where clients can enjoy a private environment with no membership fees and no intimidation or anything of the sort from others at a regular gym. .

Each package comes with a personalized fitness program, which will also include workouts to do outside of training sessions, Body composition reading, monitoring of nutrition and nutrition advice. Each session is 55-60 min long. For first time you get 1 hour free consultation.

In home personal training also available. I will travel up to 10 miles to train somewhere in their home.

Here at Kinetic Fitness we understand that everyone’s lifestyle is different, therefore your workout program should cater to your specific needs. Each personal training session is programmed to your specific needs in regards to your limits and ability to perform. Our focus on functional training leads to greater strength and stability, and with guidance to healthier lifestyle and nutrition advice, weight loss without gaining it back are the results. Training at Kinetic Fitness is more than just your average training session but focus on specific lifestyle needs to gaining a healthier lifestyle which in return results in more energy with less pain and stress on your body.